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global supply chain frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What equipment do you have available?

We have or have access to thousands of pieces of equipment at any given time. Our most commonly available units are 20’ and 40’, High cube or standard, as well as chassis and reefers. Contact us for our current inventory list.

Where do you have equipment?

ISM is a global supply chain company, and we have representation on 5 continents, and we are able to source pretty much everywhere.

Do you have depot accounts?

Yes, we maintain accounts with many of the largest and most recognized container depot companies globally. In addition to them, we partner directly with smaller operators and landowners to facilitate storage needs.

Can you facilitate storage?

Yes, we have a large database and network of storage options.

Container FAQs

What are the different shipping containers available?

The standard size for international shipping containers is 20 ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6in high or 40ft long x 8ft wide x 8ft 6in high. There are containers offered that are 40ft, 45ft, 48ft and 53ft long that are available in a 9ft 6in height (HC). The HC containers are one foot higher and provide more cubic feet.

What are shipping containers made from?

Containers are constructed of either steel or aluminum. Steel is the standard construction for most international containers. The normal construction of a steel container is as follows: 14-gauge sides and roof, inch and one eighth wood floors (laminated plywood or plank), floor supports (crossmembers) made of steel channel, 14-gauge steel doors with locking handles on both doors.

What are the most common conditions of shipping containers?

1. “as is”, you accept the container in its current condition with no warranties.

2. “wind and watertight”, the container should not leak water in a rainstorm or a water test for leaks. Note a watertight container may have tar, tar tape or liquid steel type repairs.

3. “IICL approved”, compliant and generally good condition, these containers are available for international shipping.

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Company FAQs

Who owns ISM?

ISM is a privately held company and was founded by six professionals with over 120+ years combined experience. 

How different is ISM from similar players in the industry?

ISM values ethics, customer devotion, and quality of service as our competitive advantage. We are in an industry where contingency management is a key capability, and we always will be very transparent with all our stakeholders, customers, and vendors alike.

Why was ISM started?

The 6 partners had been working together for a number of years and in different companies in the logistics and shipping areas. They all shared a vision that a container trading company had services that can significantly contribute to improve the moving of containers for all parties depending on this type of equipment, by helping to optimize movements and reduce costs of operating containers.

How is ISM financed?

ISM is self-funded and growing organically. ISM does not have any outside funding. It practices prudent Cash Flow Management and has been profitable since day-one. We are looking to grow faster.

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