Container Trading


ISM Started and continues to focus on container trading. Our team has a long history of successfully organizing liquidations, facilitating brokerage activities and procuring containers for a wide range of clients. Our partners span over a significant number of industries from construction and specialty manufacturers to Energy producers and freight forwarders needing equipment to execute their own transport contracts.

Asset Management


Procurement and the management of containers and other logistics assets is a complex world. ISM offers a full array of logistics services, supporting services, and depot relationships around the world. ISM takes the time to learn our partners business so we can tailor and individualize services for each of our clients. By providing equipment in the most cost effective and timely way ISM is a reliable partner who can ensure the equipment will be at the right place at the right time.

Supply Chain Consulting


Whether undertaking a strategic transformation or working on specific areas in your operations, ISM is the perfect partner for your Supply Chain related projects. We combine deep domain expertise, a robust portfolio of data and key performance indicators and collaborate with a broad range of partners to create highly effective and customized solutions for our clients. Over the years, ISM has provided clients with global supply chain services and expert advice in areas such as Container procurement and management, Off-hire strategy, Depot network management, as well as streamlining processes for Shipping Lines, Forwarders, and leasing companies. As a result, we’ve been able to deliver cost savings to our clients through custom-tailored solutions implemented by an experienced team of supply chain experts.



ISM’s network includes relationships with countless Land, Air and Sea carriers. We’re the authoritative source for equipment, drivers, and assets, especially in tight market conditions. We’ve developed a meticulous process to monitor partners’ capacity, safety rating, insurance qualifications and operating authorities.



Comprising of ISM’s proprietary applications, we love to use technology and data to enhance our business. By utilizing an agile approach, cutting edge tech stacks, data science, and investing in our engineers, we aim make ours and our partner’s businesses more efficient. Staying on top of and leveraging the latest technologies we’re able to bring the supply chain industry the products it needs to succeed.